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Our Story

I am my grandmother’s granddaughter. Ever since I can remember, I saw her making her own dresses and her home decorations. Although simple in nature and in materials (this was in a small town in Dominican Republic, way back when), they were beautiful none the less. She used what she had available, and made the most of it. She taught me how to make “dulces”, sweet concoctions that are a mix between jams and hard candy, with fruits from the trees on her back yard. I watched her make stunning embroidery until she was unable due to age. She passed away a few years ago; two months shy of her 100th birthday. I now decided to take her legacy, and started embroidering and sewing again.

I attended Design & Architecture Senior High fashion program, so I am no stranger to the process of well made, durable design. After years of making piñatas for my Wunderland Home & Celebrations company, I decided a new challenge was due. So, now we have merged the two brands to bring you wares with small town/countryside flair that are a bit rough around the edges, yet, will last a long time. The designs and patterns you see here are created by me, unless otherwise noted, such as a vintage embroidery drawing I might use for that “yesteryear look”.


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Yahidith Monnalisa, Owner/Designer