OMG! What happened to your non-bird pinatas, such as the ice cream cone or the fox?

Well, funny you asked. Yhe USPS happened. Their shipping prices went up about 40% and it is no longer cost effective to ship large items. The pinatas available now are designed to require minor assembly so cost are not that high.


Can I still order a fox or a mushroom pinata?

Yes, contact me for a pinata and shipping quote. Please include your zip code with your inquiry. Thanks!


Your piñatas are nice but I would like a Disney (Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, etc.) character. Can you create a piñata or another product with them?

The short answer is no. The long version is even though we ourselves love and grew up on all those lovable characters, we do pride ourselves in designing and creating out of the box products. Also, we do not have a license to create copyrighted material. Your best bet is to purchase licensed merchandise from a license holder retailer.


But, I really would like my little princess to have a Cinderella themed party, what should I do?

If you would like we can design an entire line, if we do not have it here already, for you with our version of any fairytale, it cannot be a Disney version look alike. Contact us for any custom piñata to discuss your ideas and pricing. Again, our apologies.

Do you outsource your piñatas or any other of your products?

No, all of our products are handmade by us, from prototypes to the ones we deliver to you, here in sunny South Florida. We will let you know on the product description if a finished item is not made by us.

I need a piñata ASAP! And by that I mean yesterday, do you have any in stock?

Most of our piñatas are customized and made to order. When we do have them in stock we will list them on our shop as “Ready To Ship”.

I need a piñata in less than two weeks, do you offer Rush Deliveries?

Yes, but you must contact us prior purchasing the piñata to check availability and shipping fees. If we are available, we do not charge a rush fee, but we do charge you for the priority mail (2nd day delivery)that USPS charges, usually $40.00. Again, it is best to contact us.

What carrier do you use to ship the items I ordered?

We use United States Postal Service. They offer competitive prices and so far they are very reliable.

I just received an item I purchased and I must say it is not identical to the one on pictured on your store, should i be worried and ask for a refund ?

Most, if not all of our items are handmade and made to order. Characters may take a different personality and slightly different features due to the handmade nature. If the quality of your recent purchase is lacking, we will offer you an exchange or refund, depending on a case by case basis.

I would like to carry your piñatas for resale in my online shop or my brick and mortar store, is it allowed?

Yes! Contact us for more information. 

I bought one of your products and after the event it is as good as new, can I post the item on Etsy or my online store, since I would not use it anymore?

No. You may not. We are also on Etsy and you you’ll be competing with us for the same listing. What you may do is post your item as personal sale on Craigslist or any other classified ad. Thank you for understanding.

I ordered my pinata more than 4 weeks ago, the party is in three weeks, why hasn’t my pinata shipped yet?

Please understand that the three to four weeks to allow for the making of your pinata does not mean it will be done exactly then. That is the reason why we ask for the event date. This allows us to properly schedule orders. We understand you want to make sure it arrives on time, but we assure you that to this day we have made all of our orders on time (well, except twice, where the post office delayed the shipment)

I really love your designs, can I make it into another product like a cake or another item?

No. you may not. Although we cannot control if you bake a cake that resembles, let’s say our robot piñata for your little boy’s birthday party, we would really appreciate it if you DO NOT take our designs and recreate them for items for sale, such as a baker offering a cake with our design or any other derivative work.

I am really interested in licensing your designs to make derivative works that you do not carry in your store (like the example above), can you do that?

It depends. We do that in a case by case basis and it requires a license agreement with the appropriate fees. We suggest that you ask, and do not ignore our policy on licencing. Please remember the internet is a small world. A few keywords and we can find anything and anyone. Since we take care not to violate anyone’s copyrights rights, we would like to be treated in the same manner.

Updated 03/18/2020
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