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Quilting or Bust!

So I have started quilting. I know what you are thinking… Didn’t you just start a farm, like two seconds ago? Well, yes. Unfortunately, everything came to a halt with all this corona virus debacle and I cannot purchase my rabbits or pigeons yet. Doing so involves visiting people’s homes and as I don’t want …

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Big Shop Update

Hello everyone! Been MIA lately working on orders and deciding the direction of the shop and hence, where I want my life to head (kinda the same thing). Changes have started slowly, as they are in the seed stage. As soon as the ball gets rolling I will be updating with news. I anticipate letting …

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Owl Paper Puppet

The other day I was doodling, and a little owl came about. I was so happy about it I decided to share it with you. The printable is slightly different than the original, as I added a few highlights. I hope you enjoy. DOWNLOAD HERE

On Vacation

This year has been a productive and good year. Because of the amount of work and two hospitalizations of family members I am emotionally drained. I have decided to take a short break to energize and be ready for what 2018 awaits. All pending orders are being processed and will be shipped no later than …

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