I am my grandmother’s granddaughter. I grew up watching her sew her own dresses and make beautiful decorations for her home using whatever she could find. Even though she lived in a small town in the Dominican Republic, her creations were stunning. I learned a lot from my grandmother. She taught me how to make “dulces,” sweet concoctions that mix jams and hard candy, with fruits from the trees in her backyard. I watched her make stunning embroidery until she was unable due to age. She passed away a few years ago, two months shy of her 100th birthday.

After she passed away, I decided to take her legacy and started embroidering and sewing again. It feels like she is with me every time I sit down at the sewing machine- like we are continuing our tradition together.

I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida, and studied fashion at Design & Architecture Senior High– so I am no stranger to well-made, durable design. After years of making piñatas for my company, I decided a new challenge was due. So, now I bring you wares with small town/countryside flair that is rough around the edges yet will last a long time.

The designs and patterns you see here are created by me, unless otherwise noted, such as a vintage embroidery drawing I might use for that “yesteryear look.”


Best regards,

Yahidith Monnalisa, Owner/Designer

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