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Quilting or Bust!

So I have started quilting. I know what you are thinking… Didn’t you just start a farm, like two seconds ago? Well, yes. Unfortunately, everything came to a halt with all this corona virus debacle and I cannot purchase my rabbits or pigeons yet. Doing so involves visiting people’s homes and as I don’t want to risk it, they sure don’t want to risk getting cooties either. So I understand the panic.

In the meantime, because pinata sales have been reduced to nil, parties came to a full stop as well due to the social distancing and quarantines, I seem to have a little bit of time on my hands. What better way to spend the time, than learning to quilt. I know how to sew already, so the learning curve worked on my advantage. It all started with trying to get rid of my fabric stash from my Lola & Sofia dolls , and made a few doll quilts. They came out not to shabby, if I may say so, so from there on went to the fabric store and my stash grew twice as big so now I have all these ideas and designs for throw quilts I is a bit of chaos and frankly, I love it!

So, I am currently working on three quilts, a baby quilt and two throws. Each one will get its own little blog post but just wanted to give you a little peak.


moon child baby quilt progress

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watercolor peaks piecing progress


I will be offering traditional quilt designs as well as my own. Want to stay tuned? Follow me on Instagram for updates. Until next post!