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I Am Starting A Farm! Wait, What?

About 12 years ago, while living in Dominican Republic and thinking I was going to live there for a while (I only stayed for two years) I thought of buying a piece of land and starting a rabbitry.  It never happened as I had to return back due to one of those devastating breakups. I already had a name, Marquesa Farms, and everything to start. Once I moved back to Florida, I started the pinata business under the name Wunderland Home & Celebrations. I thought I would be able to save enough money to start the rabbit farm, or the time, but it did not happen that way. Nothing ever happens the way we plan. The pinata business took off and I was busy churning out Humpty Dumpty pinatas, back then my best seller.

The Nursery Rhyme Part that started it all. I still get so happy when I see it pinned on Pinterest and around the web.


Then, in order to make use of the domain name Marquesa Farms I started making and selling home decor and jams at a local farmer’s market. It became to much to upkeep to shops so I decided to merge them all into this one. I still had dreams of the rabbitry, but kept postponing it until all the planets aligned. However, i finally realize that sometimes it is best to follow the advice of Arthur Ashe who said, Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” 

That pretty much brings me up to date. I will also be adding pigeons to the brood. As of now, I will be using my backyard to get things started. There are plans to building cages and tractors and pigeon lofts, both for my animals and for sale. Will be buying the first trio in a few weeks, and I am super excited. I will be posting the progress of the little farm on here and on Instagram. I might even start a YouTube channel. New and exiting things are around the corner, I can feel it. Or, it all can go to hell in a heartbeat. For now, I am hopeful and looking forward the process.

The pinatas, you ask? They are not going anywhere, at least for the time being. I will be adding and refreshing the party shop lineup soon. I will also be adding rabbitry supplies and equipment, handmade, of course! I will be sending out newsletters on Fridays starting on February. Stay tuned!

Wish me luck, it looks like I am going to need it ;P