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Blogging Again!

So, I will be posting at least once a week starting now. With all the work to be done it has proved to be almost impossible to make time to create posts . I admire the artists and small shop owners that are able to churn out beautiful blogs and amazing work, my hats off to you all.


There will be a few changes on the way products will be created starting January 2017. Most of the products will be available ready to ship, as I will be creating them all in one sitting in limited editions and placing them for sale on the shop. The idea is to give me more time for tasks such as blogging and to reduce the turn around time for made to order items.


I’ve been working on a set of paper mache mushroom banks that are just too adorable. They will soon be posted on the shop. Took pictures of the ones that are finished and the lighting was just horrible! It did not make the banks any justice, at all. So, stay tuned either on our Facebook page or by joining our mailing list.


More of work in progress…hand painted elephant paper puppet by marquesa farms paper mache forms by marquesa farms